Placenta Encapsulation

Wherever you are in your motherhood journey, you have access to the ancient wisdom of the womb. Servicing women from Elizabeth City to Cape Hatteras.

Private Childbirth Education
4 week series

This is a private, four-week full spectrum childbirth class that is perfect for families birthing at home or the hospital.

Topics we will cover:

  • the last six weeks of pregnancy
  • stages of labor
  • postpartum healing
  • early newborn care
  • informed consent/decision making

And so much more!

Once we’ve completed our four weeks together you will get access to me via text/email/DM for the duration of your pregnancy and up to six weeks postpartum during awake hours!

Cost:  $299

Placenta Encapsulation

Encapsulating your placenta is a wonderful way to honor and nourish your postpartum body.  Your placenta capsules can help with milk production, postpartum mood swings as well as lessen postpartum bleeding.

My mission…..

I am an Edge Dweller who walks with  women into realms of transformation where they conceive, gestate and birth in their full power.

You Are Powerful

No matter where you are in your journey to motherhood, you have access to the ancient wisdom stored within your womb. You deserve to be presented with all the options and the freedom to choose. You deserve to connect with nature, traditional wisdom, and intuition as part of your birth journey.

If you are:

A woman exploring
conscious conception

An expectant mother
seeking a physiologic birth

A postpartum mother wanting
to heal from birth trauma

You can find guidance here.

When faced with a birth system that doesn’t align with your goals, it’s easy to feel frustrated. You might not feel heard. You may feel disconnected. You may not realize it, but the system can be the source of your struggles.

You are not to blame for your frustrations. You are also not alone in your journey.

There is another route to motherhood. A more traditional way. A method that connects you to the powerful wisdom of your womb and paves the path towards a transformative birth experience.

Motherhood is a Journey
Steeped in Ancient Wisdom

Not many generations ago, an expectant mother would be surrounded by her mother and sisters and taught the ancient wisdom of the womb. She would tap into the power of her body, mind, and soul to birth her baby safely and physiologically. She would re-enter her life as a mother feeling connected, empowered, and rooted in nature.

A traditional birth keeper is a companion who supports you throughout your motherhood journey.  Our focus is the care of your whole self, self, not just your body. I will  guide you to tap into the ancient wisdom of your womb, allowing you to become empowered in mind, body, and spirit.